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Art vs The World

As an artist, you fight a constant uphill battle. Not everyone appreciates the value you bring to this world. There is a lack of support, funding, and avenues that allow you to live off of your passion. At Katch+, we understand your challenges. We know that you want to be able to focus on your art. We also know that life's responsibilities can put a halt to your creative goals.When you're already working a full/part time job and channeling your creativity on the side with your free time, it becomes that much harder to take on monumental workload of crafting an effective marketing strategy in order to sell your work. You need visibility and reach, but most of all, you need the freedom to create.

What's Your Name?

And why doesn't the World know it?

Take a second and think about that. Are you able to currently sustain the quality of life you want off of your creative form RIGHT NOW? If you can't, why not? It's very simple: you haven't reached the people who need you yet.We are the solution to a problem many artists face. We are the ONLY full service marketing agency in the Northern Virginia area to dedicate our expertise exclusively to the Arts World. If you are an artist of any kind, be that a culinary specialist, dancer, singer, painter, designer, etc..., our services are for you. We work closely alongside each and every one of our clients to build their very own one of a kind personal brand through extensive research, grassroot marketing, and social media management. Using real field knowledge and analysis based on your unique brand we then convert that traffic to sales.What you create is important. Let's build a brand that helps everyone else see it that way too.

Our Process


Initial 1 hour meeting to discover where you are at, where you want to be, and how our service can get you there.


We will meet a 2nd time after our industry research (<7 days) to structure a detailed step-by-step plan to market and sell your work. (14 days)


We will lock in a timeframe in which we will manage, oversee, and act on the plan we have created. (6-12 months+)

Our Founders

1 year ago, a team of two brothers set forth on a mission to transform how the arts are portrayed and valued in society. Leveraging 10+ years experience of business prowess and marketing across multiple industries, we've dedicated ourselves to the success of the arts.

Our Plan(s)

We are fully committed to providing our expertise to others with a no nonsense approach. We value simplicity, honesty, and integrity. There are no hidden fees and we work closely with our clients to make sure you understand and get value out of the service we offer.Our lights, camera, action plan is formulated on the basis of compatibility. If you don't feel like our service is helping you, you don't pay anything extra...AND you keep the knowledge, materials, and strategies we've formulated up to that point.

Our Lights! Option is our professional consultation service. Clients who are looking for quality insight into their branding and want to know how they can improve their marketing operations benefit greatly from this plan.

  • If you have your own strategies that work as well as the time to execute them yourself and just want to get professional insight for an affordable price, this is for you.

  • 1 Hour Consultation

  • Marketing Audit

  • Business Coaching

  • Innovative Solutions/Action Steps

The magic starts here. We'll conduct in-depth industry research, create your brand voice, uncover your ideal buyers, and much more. Then, we'll deliver a 6 month personal marketing plan for you to take action on.

  • If you just need some help creating a structured plan, and are confident in your ability to execute a plan on your own, this is for you.

  • Bi-Weekly Consultations

  • Comprehensive Industry Research

  • Delivery of 6 Month Personal Marketing Strategy

  • 8 Effective Marketing Deliverables+Templates

The most complete Katch+ experience. We'll oversee your plan and execute on your behalf, so you can forget the hassle that comes with the business side of creative work. You'll have our dedicated support for 6-12 months and beyond.

  • You have responsibilities and obligations on a daily basis. You may not have the time, energy, or desire to manage and advertise your brand. You'd rather pour everything into creating and wish someone else handled the rest.

  • Bi-Weekly Consultations

  • 6 Months of Personal Oversight

  • 6 Months Implementing Your Personal Marketing Strategy

  • Coaching on Copywriting, Social Media Management, and Marketing Principles

  • Build your audience from the ground up with unparalled support

Plus Packages

Our Lights+ Option is our professional business consultation service. Clients who are looking for professional insight into their business and need personal marketing advisors who they can trust benefit greatly from this plan.

  • 2 Consultations Per Month (Biweekly)

  • Marketing Audit

  • Personalized Business Coaching

  • Data Analysis

  • Biweekly Goal Setting & Action Steps

Kamera+ is a step closer to a comprehensive Action!!! package. We create and deliver your 6 month strategy. Then, we direct your team on everything that needs to be executed, making changes and edits to your plan in line with what works and what doesn't.

  • Bi-Weekly Consultations

  • Comprehensive Industry Research

  • Delivery of 6 Month Personal Marketing Strategy

  • Strategic Revisions, Analysis, and Updates

  • 8 Effective Marketing Deliverables+Templates


Project 1: Beyond The Horizon

Presenting our latest collaborative project: Beyond The Horizon. In the bustling heart of Northern Virginia, there is an ever-growing community of creatives: artists, designers, dancers, filmmakers, live performers and more. A thriving space that has shown remarkable growth since our collaboration. We are talking about "Open Space Arts", based in Prince William County, Virginia in the Stonebridge Outlets. In just a single year, together, we have grown a hub for creatives to be seen, heard, and supported in a way they were never before.

The Journey

1 year ago, our founders walked into this very building with no direction, and walked out with a dream. Now we are giving back to the mission that sparked the rise of our empire.Today, we collaborate with Open Space Arts and It’s amazing community with the goal of establishing the creative space as THE premier arts hub for the area. Katch Plus is now leveraging our expertise and work ethic to serve other arts organizations, as well as artists on an individual and organizational level, crafting strategies that help them establish their brands while building visibility. Beyond The Horizon.

Looking To Collab?

Join us in our mission to create opportunities and garner the respect that The Arts deserve. Get involved in our movement and become a part of a community that will change the world TODAY.Call us, Schedule a free 30 minute meeting, or email us for more information.